Our Services

Computerize Accounting

Our aim is to help you improve your financial reporting and increase accuracy and speed. With our Computerize accounting systems you are assured of:

  • Real Time Financial Information.

This enables business owners to make   informed decisions quicker, and be more   responsive to changes in their financial   situation;

  • Automated Processes

We automate accounting tasks such as   invoicing, inventory management and   payrol processing;

  • Easy Access Data

With just a few Click of a button, financial   data can be accessed from anywhere at   anytime making it easier for business to   keep tract of their financials;

Computerize accounting has revolutionized the way businesses manage their financial data. We continuously apply technology to improve our computerize accounting system to remain vital in the financial management of businesses.

Tax Management

Tax advice and planning are  of universal  business importance, ensuring that  the tax burden is no higher than it should be. The growing complexity of tax  regimes and constant changes to tax laws, however make it almost impossible  for any individual to keep pace with the evolving world of international taxation.

Our Direct and Indirect Tax services aim to help our clients, both companies and individuals, identify key tax planning opportunities, and develop their tax strategies and  minimize their tax liabilities and obligations. We keep track of the changes in Tax  legislation in order to be aware of any tax opportunities for our client

Our Tax division recognizing that taxation constitutes a major business cost, is  able to provide advisory, agency and tax compliance services in areas of income  and corporation tax, value added tax, custom and excise tax and other direct  and indirect taxes. Our tax team has a reputation for creative solutions tailored  individually to meet the client needs

The range of services provided by our tax division includes;

  • Acting as tax consultant for submission of tax returns, as well as attending to routine queries from the tax authorities;
  • Tax planning Services for corporates and individuals.
  • Advice on double taxation avoidance
  • Registering with tax authorities and assisting in income tax, value added tax and pay as you earn audits and investigations;
  • Organize tax seminars and client updates.

Advisory Services

Business and Management Consulting

We deliver business solutions to the widest range of industries;

Business Profitability & Cash Flow Management

Preparation of costs, revenue and cash flow projections, financial and variance  analysis, product costing, inventory controls, design  of purchasing systems,  and formulation of

growth strategies. The aim is to re-engineer the data struc-  tures and processes that generate management information, focusing on cost  reduction and identification of non-performing units.

Design of Accounting Systems

Setting  up financial and cost accounting systems, effective treasury systems  and management of trade receivables and payables.

Project Feasibility Studies

Preparing project feasibility studies to ensure that new project expansions  being undertaken are feasible, viable and sustainable over the long run. This  involves identifying what a certain course of action, whether financial or strate-  gic, will cost in real terms, and how it will impact the project.

Due Diligence

Involves an independent verification on a merger or take over of the financial,  legal and functional aspects of a business to provide assurance to the merging  party or the party taking over on the current state of the business.

Accounting Services

Our objective is to leave you deal with the management of the day today operations of your business. The accounting services we offer to you, will help you keep track of the performance and position of your business on a daily basis.

Our Accounting Services Include the following:

  • Financial statement preparation and integrated financial reporting services
  • Maintenance of proper books and records by using computerize accounting systems.
  • Preparation of various reports for management purposes such as budget, cash flow forcasts along with variance report against actual results.
  • Preparation of debtors and creditors statements and ageing analysis.
  • Payroll services

Other Services

Business Services
  • Undertaking routine compliance work including submission of returns, and maintaining registers and secretarial records as required by Law.
  • Advising on company secretarial issues.
  • Attending board meetings and shareholders’ meetings.
  • Advising on company / business registration and de-registration.
  • Advising on capital restructuring.
Corporate Training
  • Conducting training seminars for clients based on their specific requirements in areas of direct and indirect taxation
  • Company secretarial matters
  • Internal controls, fraud preven tion, financial services and other related matters.